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Hey Kev.

It's me, Bubbo, your pa. Im sorry for missing last Christmas, i was in the middle of the ocean trying to catch the Kraken. And you wouldnt belive me! I did!....

But then he caught my arm and took it with him....or her.

Either way, since then i retiered, i eeded money so i started a restaurant.You wont belive the adventures i had being the only one there, working with my only hand.

Please find attached plane tickets to come to my restaurant, hope to see you soon.



P.D. Dont worry Kev, i WILL be there this Christmas, i have a surprise for you. I hope that by the time im there you arent in the naughty list, that would be bad. Really bad.

Okay buh bye

*Please read the controls before playing, and turn down the volume.*

Install instructions

Unzip the  zipped file, not you pants, gross.

Then read the rules and please turn down the volume, i messed up some settings.


The Only One.zip 20 MB

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