This game was made for the 2018 Christmas GameJam. In 48 hours.

This is a platafformer game with a really odd christmas story. The story is complete, but the game is really early in development, please have patience while we develop everything else. Look foward for the completed version by the end of next month, for the Finally Finish Something GameJam 2019.


You picked up the phone, and a friendly voice talked to you. You remember that voice, the lad from the north pole assist center. You called him once and became good friends with him.

He left you a voice message since you missed the call. You hear:


It's me Elwin.

Sorry I've been missing your calls, it's been quite busy around here, you is fast appraching, and we've got to pack everything before that and...uh...

Oh that reminds me.

I wanted to call you to inform you that you're in the naughty list this year.

You told me you were a good kid, what happened Daniel?

Did you missbehave or something?

You find this quite odd. You didnt missbehave, why are you in the naughty list?

Either way, you were gonna get to the bottom of it, so you get presents this year. You keep hearing the message.

(...)if you have any complains. the North Pole Assist Department is closed, so you need to come here, don't worry, there is a way.

On your phone call: 32414785.

You rapidly hang up and press the buttons.


A blinding light fills your room, then you suddently feel cold snow.

Where am i?


Art/Programming: ThisIsOfficiallyOfficial.

Music by: Angel "Gatiux" Pedraza.

Background art by:  CreativeRealmsMC

Pedraza and I are a small dev team, this is our first game together. And my second game.

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